About adaptdefy ®

We are a media & product development company on a mission to increase freedom for wheelchair users and the adaptive community.

Why adaptdefy®

adaptdefy® is for those forced to adapt & discover how to live their best lives in a wheelchair. We call these people Adaptdefiers.
We connect the global community of Adaptdefiers, highlighting their incredible stories & develop products that help adapt & defy.
An Adaptdefier is someone who not only adapts to life in a wheelchair but defies what they & others think is possible.
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There are always work-arounds and ways to see our future that haven’t even been invented yet. That is where we play and work.

adaptdefy® stands for


We are bold, fearless & challenging


We are authentic & fun, driven to play & dream


We champion all wheelchair users & their right to freedom


We push beyond what others think is possible

Know your limitations and then defy them

Gary MoodieAdaptdefier
We love solving problems

Inventing is in our DNA

adaptdefy® develops innovative products and systems that give wheelchair users freedom.

Story-telling connects us

We tell the adaptdefy® story

adaptdefy® shares the stories of Adaptdefiers around the world to encourage more wheelchair users to adapt and defy, and strengthen the adaptive community.

We connect & learn

Knowledge through experience

Our knowledge and understanding comes from personal experience and from a network of connections in the adaptive community around the world.

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