Will the LapStacker® fit my wheelchair?

The LapStacker® has a range of mounting options for different wheelchairs. Please visit the Selection Tool for step by step instructions and detailed guides to help you determine this.

Please note, we are in the process of designing mounting kits to suit powered wheelchairs. Use the Selection Tool to send us a query about your power-chair. This will help us determine which ones we release first.

How much does the LapStacker® weigh?

The complete Lapstacker® kit weighs approx. 800 grams or 1.76 lbs.

How does it work?

With it’s tensioned, retractable, straps, the Lapstacker® is simple and intuitive to both install and use. You pull the straps over your lap, clip the buckles together (over the item(s) you’re carrying) and roll with confidence! When not in use, it tucks away – and when in use, it makes your life infinitely easier.

Why not just use a bungee cord?

We’re glad you asked!

Here’s some reasons why a Lapstacker® is so much better than a bungee:

1. A bungee is not neatly by your side all the time ready when needed.
2. A bungee creates point loads which can cause damage to fragile items such as paper.
3. A bungee will create uneven tension depending on the height of object.
4. The Lapstacker® has 1.6m of webbing and can lock in any position.
5. A bungee has a nasty hook that can release and cause damage.
6. A bungee needs to be stowed somewhere.
7. A bungee takes a lot longer to hook on and off than the Lapstacker®.
8. A bungee looks like a bungee – do you want to use it when you’re at a nice dinner or at work?
9. A bungee will wear out quickly as elasticity breaks down.
10. Hooking a bungee for a quadriplegic could be difficult whereas the
11. The Lapstacker® has finger loops and a magnetic latch for each of use by someone with limited hand function.
12. The round nature of a bungee means there is less surface area to grip the items and it is prone to slipping.

We invented the Lapstacker® because a bungee is far from ideal.

For a bungee vs Lapstacker® comparison visit https://youtu.be/yASK5EpbmKw

Can I change the LapStacker® between chairs?

The short answer is YES. If the other wheelchair and setup is the same then just swap things over. BUT, if your other wheelchair is different,  we recommend you visit the Selection Tool to determine what the components you will need.

Does every LapStacker® have finger loops?

Yes, each Retractor unit has a finger loop sewn into the webbing.

Is the LapStacker® suitable for quadriplegics (tetraplegics)?

The LapStacker® has finger loops to aid in pulling the straps over your lap which is particularly useful for those with reduced hand function and the Buckle has a built in magnet that guides the two ends of the buckle together. If for some reason it doesn’t work for you we will be happy to offer you a refund if returned according to our return policy.

Do I need to pull down on the straps to make it lock?

No, the straps are under spring tension and locked automatically. If you want extra tension on the item you are carrying you can pull down to ratchet the straps down tighter,  but this isn’t necessary to lock the straps.

How do I install the LapStacker®

Full installation and user instructions are available by clicking here.

Are the magnets in the Buckles strong enough?

The magnets in the Buckles are more than strong enough to guide the two sides together. Then, once the straps are under tension, which happens automatically, the Buckles latch together mechanically.

Will it fit if I have an under seat bag?

This very much depends on where your underseat bag is and the way you intend to mount the LapStacker®. The best thing to do is go through the selection tool and review the guides to determine if you have room or if you can relocate your underseat bag.

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